Past Potentates

Living Past Potentates

Once I was the Great I Am,

to whom all lesser lights salaam,

respected, honored and obeyed,

an impressive sight when on parade.

My word was law none dare gainsay,

my slightest wish, supreme my sway,

I was a man of high estate –


Time marches on, another day

another Pote holds magic sway.

There was a time – the Noble mob

could see no future in the job.

But now The Cabiri, tried and true

Past Potentate all, not raw nor new,

united for service to Temple and Shrine

that the lights of Mecca may ever shine.

Each title in the Shrine is derived from Arabic tradition, and each has its own set of defined duties and responsibilities. Potentates (both past and present) are addressed as “Illustrious Sir”, Imperial Potentates (both past and present) and members of the Imperial Divan are addressed as “Imperial Sir”, while all other Shriners are addressed as “Noble”.  As past leaders of Hejaz Temple the advice and influence of Past Potentates carries great weight. 

2022 Mark Tinsley / Lady Pam

2021 Chad Knight / Lady Kathy

2019 Jim Cunningham / Lady Wanda

2018 Jason Turner / Lady Denise

2017 Jimmie "DO-NUT" Phibbs / Lady Cassandra

2016 Robbie Murphy / Lady Susan

2015 William Ackerman / Lady Rhonda

2014 Barry S. Koon / Lady Fay

2012 James Kennedy / Lady Shirley

2011 Jimmie R Smith / Lady Mary Jane

2010 James Elliot Sr. / Lady Jan

2006 J.R. Hannon / Lady Brenda

2005 George Thompson / Lady Gayle

2004 Vernon Meek / Lady Lilly

2002 William Rodgers / Lady Connie

2001 Sherwood Kaiser / Lady Rhonda

2000 William Benfield / Lady Pat

1998 Joseph Scott / Lady Nyoda

1997 Clautus Champion / Lady Cynthia

1996 A Carroll Barker / Lady Kathie

1994 John E Bradley / Lady Carol

1993 James C Moore / Lady Terri

1991 George Clement / Lady Faye

1990 Philip Ray Dorn / Lady Sandra

1988 Robert E Smith / Lady Dorothy

1969 Jack R Tyner / Lady Sybil